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Stress and Neuro Health

March 2, 2015

In this Nutrient Roundtable discussion, the practitioners review Designs for Health's products for stress and neuro health. Stress levels in people today are simply too high. Stress is significantly associated with virtually all the major areas of disease. Whether it is work pressure, financial stress or relationship troubles, most of us experience stress at some point in our lives. It is well known that stress can cause sleep problems, headaches and increase the risk of depression. In this nutrient roundtable discussion, we discuss ways we can support our stress and neuro health. **THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR THE USE OF PHYSICIANS AND OTHER LICENSED HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS ONLY. THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR PHYSICIANS AND OTHER LICENSED HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS TO USE AS A BASIS FOR DETERMINING WHETHER OR NOT TO RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS TO THEIR PATIENTS. THIS MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION IS NOT FOR USE BY CONSUMERS. THE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT PRODUCTS OFFERED BY DESIGNS FOR HEALTH ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CONSUMERS AS A MEANS TO CURE, TREAT, PREVENT, DIAGNOSE, OR MITIGATE ANY DISEASE OR OTHER MEDICAL CONDITION.​ neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.