Jesus, Peter, and John | John 21:15-25

May 19, 2019

In the concluding section of John’s gospel, the author focuses on Peter and what it looks like for him to follow Jesus that that he has seen the resurrected Christ. The comforts and challenges that Peter receives from Jesus are the same for us today.

Discussion Questions 

  1. What does this passage teach us about the nature of forgiveness and restoration? How can this interaction bring us comfort?

  2. Why do you think that authors/speakers such as Brené Brown are gaining so much popularity? What is it about the message of shame that people need to hear? How is Jesus our ultimate hope for dealing with shame?

  3. What does it mean for you to remain focused on your unique calling? Why is competitive comparison so dangerous? 

  4. How can we more deeply understand and appreciate the gospel so that we can love Jesus more? Why is “just try harder to love Jesus more” such bad advice?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that your life would be marked by freedom from shame, love for Jesus, and devotion to following his ways.

  2. Pray that we would follow Jesus and fulfill the unique part of the mission that he has given to each of us individually. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.