Wisdom and Power | Daniel 2:1-49

Sept. 1, 2019

Humans—both ancient and modern—seek out knowledge and wisdom so that they can have some semblance of power and control in a chaotic and frightening world. True wisdom and power belong to God alone, and he gives them with those who come to him through Christ Jesus.

Discussion Questions

  1. Consider the similarities between the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) and the story of Daniel. How is Daniel presented as even greater than Joseph? How would Daniel’s story be particularly encouraging to the Israelites in exile at the time?

  2. When you are tempted to seek wisdom apart from Christ, what sorts of things grab your attention most easily? What would those who are closest to you say?

  3. How can we encourage each other as we pursue wisdom from Christ and the Word of God? How can we encourage each other to treasure God’s Word more and more?

  4. How can we share the gospel in the middle of a culture that seems to be declining or deteriorating? How might it encourage us when we remember that all earthly kingdoms decline?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for wisdom and might that comes from God alone. Pray for the ability to resist the allure of mere human knowledge and power.

  2. Pray that your confidence and hope in Jesus would grow so that you are more excited and willing to share the gospel with others in your life. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.