The Ram and the Goat | Daniel 8:1-27

Oct. 20, 2019

In chapter 8, Daniel receives another vision of the future regarding hardships that the people of Israel will endure. And while he receives an explanation from the angel Gabriel, the explanation is only partial, leaving other questions unanswered. When we suffer, we want answers, and yet what we most often receive is the gracious offer of God’s presence with us.

Discussion Questions

  1. Who in your life have you watched endure hardship in a really good way? What was it about their example that was inspiring?

  2. Why do we want answers—information, dates, results—when we are suffering? Why do we think it will always help? What if it doesn’t?

  3. Where are you currently facing hardship? How does Jesus’ suffering bring you peace?

  4. Of the non-Christians that you know, who is currently suffering? Is there something specific God wants you to do for them to show them God’s love and presence?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for those in your group, your family, your neighborhood, our church community, who are currently going through a period of suffering. Pray for relief from their hardship, and pray for them to know that God is near as they endure.

  2. Pray that we would be the kind of disciple who would trust God even when we don’t have all the answers. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.