Daniel’s Prayer | Daniel 9:1-19

Oct. 28, 2019

Sermon Description

As Daniel reads the Word of the Lord given through the prophet Jeremiah, he is moved to prayer and repentance. Repentance is considered by many in our culture to be a dirty word. But when correctly understood, it is a gift from God to draw us closer to him and to free us from our burdens.

Discussion Questions

  1. How healthy is your prayer life? What aspects of prayer are strengths for you? What aspects need to grow?

  2. How does Scripture help us in our prayer? Is it possible that you struggle in prayer because of a lack of engagement in God’s Word?

  3. Do you sit over culture as a “judge” or a “servant”? How is prayer connected to this proper perspective?

  4. How does God use prayer to transform us to be more like Jesus? How is Jesus’ prayer our greatest hope?

Prayer Points

  1. Spend more time than usual in group this week praying. Take time for repentance, and pray for the needs of each other. Pray for our cities, state, and nation, that we would turn to Jesus for grace. Pray for people in your life who have yet to meet Jesus. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.