Only Jesus Truly Saves | Matthew 21:1-17

April 5, 2020

Sermon Description

The Sunday before his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus entered into Jerusalem to much praise and fanfare, because the crowds saw him as the long-awaited king who brings salvation. As we consider our lives and the challenges that we face, we are confronted with a question from Jesus: who or what do we trust for our ultimate salvation?

Discussion Questions

  1. Where is your heart prone to seek salvation apart from Jesus? Why does this specific person or thing hold such sway in your heart and mind?

  2. How can we help each other remember that our ultimate salvation is found in Jesus? How can we keep that thought connected to the fact that Jesus does care about our lives in the here-and-now?

  3. Read through Psalm 118 and identify all the places where the Messiah is pointed to. How does reading the Scriptures with a Christ-focus help you understand the Bible better?

  4. Why is it important to remember our ultimate salvation from Jesus as we  work and serve the poor, the mistreated, and the downtrodden? Why must we never separate spiritual and physical “salvation”?

Prayer Points

  • Pray that Jesus would be your foundation, and your ultimate hope for salvation.

  • Pray for opportunities to serve the poor, administer justice, and care for the fearful—all from the motivation of being given ultimate salvation from Jesus.

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