Why Do I Feel So Sad? | Jeremiah 6:22-26

April 26, 2020

Sermon Description

When faced with difficulties in life, people respond in a variety of ways, like denial, escapism, or despair. In the Bible, we see that lament  is God’s gift to those who are troubled and hurting. Christ’s immanence means that we can experience his comfort, and his transcendence means that we can be lifted above the troubles of this life.

Discussion Questions

  1. Does the Biblical language of lament sound strange to your ears? For example, read Jeremiah 7:29, Psalm 44:23-24, or Lamentations 5:20. Do some of the verses even sound disrespectful toward God? Why or why not?

  2. Where do you need to truly lament right now? How can we encourage each other to lament well?

  3. Jesus is the “man of sorrows” but he is also the “king of kings.” How does his immanence (closeness) help us to experience his comfort? How does his transcendence (above-ness) help us rise above life’s troubles?

  4. In what ways might our witness be more effective if we truly knew how to lament well? How could true lament help show the gospel to those in our lives who don’t know Jesus?

Prayer Points

  • Pray that we would experience the comfort and closeness of Jesus as we lament well.

  • Pray that our eyes would be fixed on Jesus, who is above all things.

  • Pray that our lamenting would be a witness to the gospel in a world that doesn’t lament well.

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