The Lifestyle of Jesus | Mark 1:29-38

May 10, 2020

Sermon Description

As we face this global event, many of us deeply desire to “get back to normal.” But, what is the “normal” that we want to get back to? What if this season was an opportunity for followers of Jesus to reevaluate the rhythms of our life to see if they match up with how Jesus lived his life?

Discussion Questions

  1. Be honest with yourself and others: does your lifestyle (not just ethics) match up with the patterns of Jesus? Why does our culture seem diametrically opposed to the spiritual habits and disciplines of Jesus?

  2. Of the four life-rhythms highlighted (Scripture, solitude, Sabbath, and simplicity), which is the hardest for you to practice and why?

  3. Even if we had the spiritual disciplines nailed, how is the gospel—what Jesus had done for us—our only true hope?

  4. How can the spiritual habits and lifestyle of Jesus actually serve to further the mission of Jesus in our lives?

Prayer Points

  • Set aside time for individual solitude and prayer. Pray both out-loud and silently. Bring your requests before God, but also spend time in stillness and reflection on God’s truths.

  • Pray that God would shape us to be a church that doesn’t just only believe the truths of Jesus but lives the lifestyle of Jesus.

  • Pray that our lifestyles would further the mission of Jesus by showing his easy yoke to a world that is living under a crushing weight.

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