The Satan and the Sons of God | Job 1:6-12

June 14, 2020

Sermon Description In the introductory section of Job, we witness a scene where God meets with his divine council, the “sons of God.” In this meeting, the satan comes and challenges God’s perspective on Job’s integrity. A scene like this in the Bible invites us to remember that our world is not merely natural; there are things happening in the supernatural realm all around us.

Discussion Questions

  1. When it comes to the supernatural, which “ditch” are you more prone toward: the over-fascination ditch, or the stay-away-from-it ditch? Why? 

  2. Read Genesis 11:1-9, then Deuteronomy 32:7-9, then Psalm 82. Is the idea of God ruling the nations by means of a divine council new to you? How does this perspective help us to make sense of the Bible’s teaching on the spiritual realm?

  3. Jesus came, died, and rose again to bring us (the nations) back into God’s family. How does this aspect of the gospel story affect you personally? 

  4. Why is it important to remember that “the satan” no longer has access to the throne room of God? How does this truth give you confidence: for life, for worship, for evangelism?

Prayer Points

  • Pray that God would help us to view the world around us biblically: both natural and supernatural. Pray that we would not become accidental naturalists.

  • Pray for boldness and confidence to share the gospel with those who are still under the control of the kingdom of darkness.

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