The Tests of Health & Wealth | Job 1:13-2:10

June 21, 2020

Sermon Description

Job is tested to see if he loves and serves God only because God blesses and protects Job. As the blessings and protection are removed, we see that Job continues to worship God because God is worthy independent of the blessings.

Discussion Questions

  1. Is it possible to have a disinterested righteousness? (Spiritual allegiance that does not depend on external circumstances; True devotion to God without thought of reward and punishment)

  2. How have you seen the “prosperity gospel” or other transactional approaches to God at work in others or in yourself?

  3. Why is it dangerous to become over-focused on the benefits of a relationship with God?

  4. Compare Job’s response in today’s passage to Moses’ in Genesis 22. Imagining yourself in those situations, how would your devotion to God compare?

  5. Has there been a time of loss or difficulty that has helped you refocus on the Lord because he is worthy independent of his blessings?

Prayer Points

  • Pray for God to protect his people from the dangerous message of the “prosperity gospel” and other similar misleading falsehoods.

  • Pray that God will help you treasure him above all other things. Pray this for your church family as well.

  • Pray that our witness to Jesus will communicate the true Gospel that leads to faith and life.

More Resources

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  • Video Dr. John Walton talks about the Retribution Principle neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.