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WuiT #050: Rebecca Redhead (part 1)

Dec. 26, 2006

Filed Under: Lawyer, The Art of War, Scuba Diving.
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Rebecca is originally from London; currently the legal representative of a Japanese company that is distributing parts to the new Taiwan High Speed Rail, which is being constructed right now. She has been living in Taipei for 2 years; her status is single and unable to speak much Chinese. This is how she introduced herself in her e-mail to us after agreeing to do the interview. We were really anxious to meet her in person.

Rebecca is extremely ambitious about her career; she accepted this job due to the uprising of China. She wanted to better her understandings of eastern and western law through this experience. She shared many of her observations during the interview.

Scuba diving at Green Island is the event that Rebecca enjoys doing at the moment. She also recommended Jioufen as the starting point for understanding the traditional scenery of Taiwan.

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