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WuiT #056: Orchid Island

Jan. 1, 2007

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The show for this week is a special report of Orchid Island(A.K.A. Lanyu), Father Barry was gracious enough to share his memory of the island with us. He thinks of the island as the most beautiful spot on the planet. Around 35 years ago, Father Barry serviced on the island for a year and fell in love with the location. He wrote the book "Song of Orchid Island" as a tribute.

We would also like to pay our tribute to Lanyu. If you have photos of the island, please sent them to us and make this special report that much more. Sent them to [email protected]

(Picture of Fr. Barry and the children in Orchid Island way back when)

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本週節目是蘭嶼的特別報導,丁松青神父特別分享他的蘭嶼印象。這個小小的島嶼是丁神父認為全世界最美麗的地方。將近35年前,丁神父在這裡服務過一年,因為實在太喜愛這個地方了,他還為蘭嶼寫了一本書:"Song of Orchid Island"。

我們也希望喜愛蘭嶼,有相關照片的聽眾朋友,可以將照片提供給我們,讓這篇貼文的內容更加充實,來信請寄[email protected]

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