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WuiT #060: David M. Niddam (part 2)

Jan. 22, 2007

Filed Under: Metrosexual, Shopping Spots for Men.
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Here is the second half of our interview with David, along with some links that he has sent us. Both of them are interviews he did with Taipei Times (a local English Newspaper). Check them out if you are interested.

A mind for brain research
Local brews go head-to-head

David has also done a television commercial for a Taiwanese car rental company, he has sent the file to us as well. Due to the enormous size of it, we have selected an image for your viewing pleasure. Some people have expressed to us that David shows some resemblance to actor Mel Gibson, he's a good looking guys in our book regardless what or who he looks like.

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本週繼續是David訪問的後半段,David還寄給我們一些連結,是他接受Taipei Times的訪問,有興趣的朋友可以前往。

David曾經拍攝過租車公司的廣告片,他也將影片檔案寄給我們,但是因為檔案過大,我們僅擷取畫面供網友欣賞,私下有些朋友表示,David有點像Mel Gibson,當然是善意說他很帥啦!

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