Mental As Anyone

MAA #002: With Adam Jacobs

June 20, 2015

Interview with Adam Jacobs, who originally hails from Adelaide, and now lives in Melbourne.  Adam performs comedy and also does some MC work in Melbourne, and occasionally in NSW.  His jokes tend to be one-liners and non-sequiturs, and maybe a comedy song every now and again.  We discuss the pressures of modern life (acronym: POML), OCD jokes, the mandatory Terrible Stage Experience, first experiences of comedy, finding your niche as a comedian, mananging and overcoming stage nerves, positive reframing, post-show reflections, Comedy at the Olympics, marshmallows & fluffy bunnies, comedy as a response to stress, genetically inheriting your sense of humour, sense of humour and sense of self, nuns stealing bikes, PTSD and trauma, Light vs Dark, coping by way of nonsense, catharsis of working with animals, bottle-feeding kangaroos, negotiating a peace-offering with Peggy the Ecelectus Parrot, getting material from a non-existent dog, fake-smiling and Fake It Til You Make It, acting in accordance with your values and the weather analogy, Cindy Lauper and nail polish, reflecting on depression, healthy habits, wellbeing and self-care activites, appreciation of Adam's voice, comedy problem-solving & mental gymnastics, and trying on different sorts of comedy and discerning what you like.

Also, apologies from Shae for getting the name of her own podcast wrong at the very start of this episode! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.