Mental As Anyone

MAA #010: With Nicky Barry

Aug. 21, 2015

Interview with lovely lady comedian Nicky Barry, who is a self-described late bloomer in comedy as she first entered Raw Comedy at the age of 45 in 2011 (and made the state finals no less).  She then returned to Raw in 2013 and has been gigging regularly around Melbourne since then.  About 12 months ago, Nicky also became the resident comic at the vaudeville club Speakeasy HQ in Melbourne.  

We discuss: mental health in family life, Nicky's high-functioning dysfunctional family, alcohol issues in family members, Nanna's electric shock treatment (and resulting trauma), Nicky's main career in community development work, destigmatising MH, seeing people as people rather than a diagnosis, changes in language to describe mental health issues, reflections on memories of growing up, being a positive person by nature, personalising family issues as a teen, how childhood can consciously affect parenting, the different talents and experiences of Nicky's kids, monitoring healthy levels of self-discipline, the challenges of her youngest with Autism, mental health in the comedy community, bonding over humour, truth and vulnerability at the heart of the best comedy, time healing, the importance of having someone to listen when you need it, men vs women seeking help, issues in regional and remotes areas, the role of GPs, Man Therapy, the importance of learning more about a loved one's mental health issues, the universality of fluctuating mental health, investing money into community services, Kennett government cut-backs, Men's Sheds, Kennett now being Chairman of Beyond Blue, comorbidity of mental health issues and domestic violence, unemployment, Centrelink/DSP, homelessness, workplace support and incentives (eg. Job Share arrangements), government modelling, policitcal advising, making the most of free comedy, and getting out and having fun with comedy - with or without mental health issues. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.