Mental As Anyone

MAA #025: With Jaymie Wilson

April 4, 2016

Interview with Comedian Jaymie Wilson, who started performing comedy in 2006 (14 February to be precise).  He’s got several MICF shows under his belt (including one with guinea pigs), and he’s been performing Puppetry of the Penis for 4 years.  Jaymie performs locally, interstate and overseas, and in his first year of comedy he did a staggering 506 gigs!

We discuss: quitting real estate and getting straight into comedy, his awesome first gig - but bombing for the next 8 months, jumping right in the deep end at the interview for Puppetry of the Penis, being on stage in front of a large crowd just a few days afterwards, Jaymie’s personal relationship issues when a request for a paternity test showed up in the mail, the subsequent ups and downs of his mental state, the delay of results due to the legal process, how his stage partner deals with spontaneous erections, how Jaymie met his current partner in quite a memorable way, his parents’ professions and Dad’s unorthodox methods, addictive personalities and minds, drug of choice = comedy, 506 gigs in one year and reflections on the guy who beat that record, gig jealousy and stage anger, dealing with a period of depression, avoidance of drugs and alcohol, the constructive methods Jaymie uses to manage mental health issues nowadays, Jaymie’s super powers, and the message of not being afraid to be different, and sharing advice from Comedian Chris Bennett – make sure your act cannot be followed. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.