Mental As Anyone

MAA #027: With Anthony Jeannot

June 20, 2016

Interview with Melbourne Comedian Anthony Jeannot, who has been doing comedy for 7 years and has a few MICF shows under his belt.  His 2016 festival show, Rage Against The Man Child was reviewed as “intelligent and insightful” (Herald Sun) and “funny, sweet, uplifting” (Squirrel Comedy).

We discuss: Anthony’s period of anxiety following graduation from university 2 years ago, how the anxiety affected him in regard to job duration, lack of confidence and feeling overwhelmed, how Anthony started dealing with it differently once the anxiety was pointed out to him, acceptance and managing perfectionism, vicarious learning from seeing the people he admires not always getting things right, rewarding himself for getting on stage – regardless of performance, never wanting to be the “tone deaf” comic who cannot try new material, dealing with being constantly evaluated, meditating for wellbeing, “lego blocking” what works for him, Anthony’s passion for sharing ideas, super powers, and his messages of the importance of talking to people and treating wellbeing as an outcome to be evaluated – it’s just as important and valuable as evaluating other areas of your life and leads to greater insight and awareness.

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