Mental As Anyone

MAA #031: With Harrison Engstrom

Aug. 22, 2016

Interview with the entertaining and animated Harrison Engstrom, who hails from Wollongong and has been performing comedy in Melbourne for two years.  Harrison is creator of That Comedy Podcast, which evolved from Laugh Till You Cry Podcast.  He also works in video and content creation, and edits videos for Quick Bites Comedy.

We discuss: Foreign Accent Syndrome, Harrison’s experience of hypnotherapy, the surprise popularity of his podcast, Corey White admiration, 9-11 obsession, Harambe the gorilla’s hashtag, the story of Diane Schuler, worry about being a terrible person, undiagnosed ADHD (which is perfect for his job), the impact of his engagement break up, advice of what not to do with acid, the Icarus myth, making a Census skit, Operation Avalanche, techniques Harrison used to cope with depression, the importance of routine and discipline, revelations at Mount Keira, belief in possibilities instead of expectations, philosophy about death, Harrison’s super powers, vacuum cleaner distraction (apologies to Harrison and our listeners!), speech patterns and accents, the firework incident, and Harrison’s messages that mental health issues can be hard but instead of motivation, focus on discipline and find what works for you; listen to Harmon Town and Bojack Horseman; and take care of yourself & reach out for help if you need it. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.