Mental As Anyone

MAA #034: With David Tulk

Sept. 27, 2016

Interview with the humble and entertaining David Tulk, who has been performing comedy for 12 years. David has 5 MICF shows under his belt, has performed in Edinburgh, and recently assisted his friend Gabe Hogan with her 2016 Fringe show.

We discuss: David’s Bipolar II diagnosis, self-medicating vs self-management, medication to manage self-doubt and negativity, the definition of a pre-sleep, mediating between his parents in childhood, the different ways he and his siblings coped with their parents’ separation, ice in regional areas, the unfinished Spanish galleon of Finley Lake, travel via helicopter, Dad’s anger and physical violence, reconciling his relationship with Dad, private school corporal punishment and Saturday morning detentions, being a cadet, artistic escapes, smuggling alcohol as a teen, dabbling in drugs, psychiatry vs psychology, sonnets and Shakespeare, obsession with world globes, becoming a full time comedian, corporatised artwork, Ollie the fair weather friend, the joys of being a cool uncle, David’s super power, and David’s advice to remember that everyone is a fallible human and therefore be nice to everyone and act with love. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.