Mental As Anyone

MAA #035: With Nat Malcolm

Oct. 2, 2016

Interview with the considerate and charming Nat Malcolm, who is a country girl at heart and has been performing comedy in Melbourne for almost 12 months.  Nat was part of a MICF show in 2016 with Angela Green, and is working toward her own show next year.  You will often find Nat in one of the many open mic rooms Melbourne has running, including Station 59 in Richmond and Tago Mago in Thornbury*. 

We discuss: Connecting to other females in comedy, working in male dominated fields, empowerment of women, observational comedy, the role of self-esteem in mental health, “contagion” of mental health issues, growing up with dyslexia, family mental health, depersonalising hurtful comments from others, different types of intelligence, drugs and alcohol use as a teen, having her own liquor-filled bar fridge as a teen, moving out of home and into a “disastrous” share house, Nat’s challenge of living with other women, the simplicity of living with boys, friends with mental health issues, treating people with mental health issues as you would treat anyone else, Nat’s skill with sarcasm, pros and cons of the philosophy of “if you don’t laugh, you cry”, the impact of her grandmother’s death, advice to never live with a couple, Nat’s super powers, her knack of always being right, seeing the good in people, advice that manners are free, texting movie quotes to friends, and Nat’s message to treat people with respect and manners.

*I looked up Tago Mago's after recording, go check it out in Thornbury if you can! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.