Mental As Anyone

MAA #046: With Sean Bedlam

Feb. 11, 2017

Interview with Sean Bedlam, who is a Melbourne Comedian and Political Activist.  Sean is currently doing his comedy via social media, and has a video series called The Furore coming out soon.

We discuss: The love of performing vs reality of performing, being informed to inform others, having a breakdown in his 20s, the limits of mental health support provided by Centrelink, classism and mental health treatment, Sean’s sunstroke episode, self-care by stopping what he’s doing, choosing not to fight negative thoughts, acting on things in his control, the problem of paranoia about what others are thinking, family issues, receiving the message that sadness is weakness, reconnecting with his Mum later in life, having to let people go and managing guilt, challenges from childhood and from growing up in a war service area, secrecy/violence/suicides/shut-downs, enjoyment from pointing out injustices, having the gift of the gab, showbiz people always trying to fit in, emerging signs of fascism, some dos and don’ts of self-care, the importance of daily exercise, the joys of Nexflix and reading, message that if you don’t want to meditate, don’t!, and to take stock of life every now and again. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.