Mental As Anyone

MAA #054: With Skruins

June 4, 2017

Interview with Skruins from the Skruins and Co Breakfast Show podcast, which is a Melbourne based podcast full of funny segments and witty observations, and aims to find the funny in people’s lives. Check it out on iTunes, Shae from MAA was on episode 143. 

We discuss: The highly anticipated Aqua Donut ride, the origin of Skruins, neuroticism and anxiety, questioning life choices while stuck in traffic, worry about narcissism, potential diagnoses, punk music as an outlet, how seeing your partner as a loveable idiot can be beneficial, learning languages, why Skruins hates real estate agents, Skruins’ Mum’s theory on having kids, super powers, terrible pick up lines, being good at winging it, controlling our narrative via social media, imagining what anxiety feels like, the only reason we should have guns in Australia, being toilet shy, and Skruins’ message of being kind to the people you love, and trust that others are doing the best they can. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.