Mental As Anyone

MAA #058: With Natalie Haider (Psychology Miniseries)

July 12, 2017

Interview with Psychologist Natalie Haider.  Nat’s experience has spanned a wide range of roles in the Psychology field, including Sports Psychology, Occupational Psychology, and Organisational Psychology, as well as lecturing, EAP work, clinical settings and more. Natalie currently works as a Learning  Development Consultant at a Sydney University, where she designs and delivers workshops to high performing researchers, and as a Clinician in a private practice.

We discuss: The similarities between high performing researchers and athletes, interest in figuring out what makes people tick, psychology being the key to many career doors, the challenge of affordable access to counselling, being mindful of being a “rescuer”, conflicts of interest and informed consent, representing the profession while off duty, love of working with people, being mindful of language and the effect of words/labels about mental health, the continuum of mental health, Natalie’s preferred self-care activities, quote: you can’t give from an empty cup, the importance of self-care, always feeling energized by her work, Natalie’s super powers, and her message to be kind to yourself. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.