Mental As Anyone

MAA #070: With Maarten Bouw

Dec. 16, 2017

Interview with Comic Book Producer Maarten Bouw. One of many comics he (together with his twin brother) has produced over the past 5 years is called Shtick, which is about a Comedian who tells an offensive joke and then goes on a mental health journey while dealing with the fallout. For more info on Maarten's comics and how to get your hands on them, check out the Facebook page: Drawn Out Dad Productions.

We discuss: Maarten’s experience of anxiety, not sweating the small stuff, locus of control and looking at the bigger picture, how Maarten started producing comic books, making changes for better life balance, anxiety flare ups, the benefits of seeing health professionals, anxiety feeding itself, mindfulness to assist with comfort eating, listing a few of our favourite podcasts, dealing with grief, Maarten’s super power, and Maarten’s message that only you can make the changes to get where you want to be in life, so set yourself small goals to make it happen. And make succotash: it is delicious. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.