Mental As Anyone

MAA #073: With Tara Bell

Jan. 27, 2018

Interview with the lovely and vivacious Tara Bell, who has been performing comedy for just over 6 months and already has a RAW competition notch in her belt from 2017. Tara started out in the (male dominated) Bendigo scene, and has now performs with the (female dominated) Wodonga scene. Tara also has a podcast called 20 Bucks Is 20 Bucks, discussing the ins and outs of the first/worst jobs people have had. Shae from MAA was a guest on episode 9. Find the podcast in all the usual places, or on Facebook: 20 Bucks Is 20 Bucks Podcast.

We discuss: Tara’s diagnosis when she was 16, growing up in a rural area, getting into comedy as coping mechanism, being a young Mum and having a gifted child, the benefits of exercise, the drawn-out process of receiving an accurate diagnosis, the problem of medicalising human nature, having a nervous breakdown, the eMoods tracking app, the importance of continuity of care, Tara’s super power, and her message to know yourself well so you know if something is not right, and seek support until you find it. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.