Mental As Anyone

MAA #080: With Deborah Hart

Sept. 21, 2019

Interview with Musician, Counsellor and ACT Practitioner Deborah Hart, who also facilitates workshops and teaches music. Deb has many fine strings to her bow and has a lot to share about her career path and mental health journey.

We discuss: longing to call herself a Musician while growing up, panic attacks while studying, aspiring to be like (Music Educator and Conductor) Richard Gill, the challenge of nerves in auditions, working in an Orchestra in 1995, seeing a Psychologist and introduction to ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), the prevalence of performance anxiety, the function of a music audition, fear of public speaking, “a lone monkey is a dead monkey”, Noticing and Labelling, flight/fight/freeze/fawn, defining what it means to be a “Good Musician” and teasing out values, burning out and choosing a new career, common humanity, developing skill and getting out of your own way, the I Don’t Sing Workshop, being wired to work together as a tribe, Susan West quote about the more you teach children music the less they want to do it, the Quicksand Analogy, the values behind the free gig in an aged care home, the philosophy that we’re all in this human soup together, the prevalence of Imposter Syndrome, British Psychologist Paul Gilbert and the importance of self-compassion, Kelly Wilson and treating people like a sunset not a maths problem, music for connection, Deborah’s sad and sweet super power, reflecting on values, and Deb’s message to turn towards gratitude.

Bonus interview (at 1:04:08) with MAA Host, Psychologist and Comedy-Lover Shae: starting the podcast following Robin William’s death in 2014 (not 2013) and wanting to support comedians, approaching the first podcast guest, Entertainment Assist, the importance of sharing and communicating about mental health, the unique stories people have shared along the way, observations about comedy, the vulnerability of opening up and sharing thoughts and feelings, the importance of support networks, praise for Hannah Gadsby, Shae's dream podcast guest, feedback from listeners and wanting to make a difference. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.