Mental As Anyone

MAA #083: With Nikki Viveca

Nov. 2, 2019

Interview with Nikki Viveca who has been a performer for many years, and moved into improv about 6 years ago, then officially began stand-up comedy with a solo show in 2016. She is also well-versed in acting, burlesque and other arts. Nikki has recently completed a season of her show Wasp Movie (to great success!) at Melbourne Fringe. Nikki has some exciting new shows coming up, including Cake Bride which is a look at marriage from a queer perspective, and ACEtravaganza which is a variety act show with asexual artists at Midsumma Festival.

We discuss: Coming out as asexual in her first comedy show (Asexual Healing), representing 2 letters in the LGBTQIA alphabet, becoming a comedy critic to justify her comedy habit, gaining insight into other people’s brains via comedy, the Wasp Situation and Nikki’s emotional responses, reflections on the difficulty of coming out as transsexual, exploring the varied definitions of asexuality and what it means to Nikki, admiration of the Spice Girls, Nikki’s super power, the sad ending to the wasp story, and Nikki’s message about the importance of authenticity and humans taking a lesson from wasps about sticking together in solidarity through tough times. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.