Mental As Anyone

MAA #085: With Lucy Best

Nov. 30, 2019

Interview with Melbourne Comedian Lucy Best, who has been performing comedy for 2 years. Lucy was a 2019 RAW finalist and also performed a show this year with Comedian Jaxson Garni. The show is called Keep the Change which is all about embracing change. Lucy is also a writer, artist, photographer, director musician, and an environmental and human rights activist.

We discuss: Lucy’s unconventional upbringing, her Dad’s appellation and being the daughter of a Lord, experiencing anxiety and depression while growing up, Lucy’s positive experiences with medication, counselling and mindfulness, the importance of a good night’s sleep and finding the funny, the court jester role in society, where Lucy’s thoughts go when she has a bad day, Lucy’s marriage breakdown and subsequent transformation, the Writing Is Therapy course at the School of Life, Lucy’s conscious decision to move on, the nature of grief and loss, Ducks for Detainees and Lucy’s trip to Canberra, the Tarot Card experience and phoenix mythology, the physical and emotional impacts of alcohol, a mother’s intuition and knowing her children better than medical professionals, the daily roses and thorns activity, stories behind her kids’ names, Lucy’ super power, reframing “Lucy Quite Good” to “Lucy Does Her Best”, and Lucy’s message to embrace change and not be afraid to make change when it is needed. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.