Mental As Anyone

MAA #089: With Bron Lewis

Jan. 25, 2020

Interview with Melbourne Comedian Bron Lewis who is relatively new to comedy (she’s 6 months in) and loves the story-telling format. Bron started performing at the Moth (a program that hosts live storytelling events in cities around the world) and then transferred over to comedy after receiving encouragement from Moth Host Cal Wilson.

We discuss: the assuredness that comes with starting comedy in her 30s, becoming unexpectedly pregnant early in her relationship, the Impossible Baby and a second baby following soon after, becoming housebound with anxiety, the impact of post-natal depression and anxiety, the solace of her relationship, becoming addicted to CrossFit, the benefits of ageing and time, the struggle of feeling judged, Bron’s immeasurable love for her kids, breaking away from the identity of being “only” a Mum or pregnant person, seeing a psychologist once the girls were at an age where they were settled, taking long service leave from her day job to pursue comedy, changing the lack of diversity in the comedy scene, the advice that you don’t have to love situations to survive them, the perils of social media, acting in accordance with your values, being resilient and brave, Bron’s super power, newfound respect for her mother, and Bron’s messages of appreciating the stability of age and not to sweat the small stuff. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.