Mental As Anyone

MAA #092: With Bev Killick

March 8, 2020

Interview with Melbourne Comedian and Actor Bev Killick, who has been performing for 20 years, having often toughed it out over the years as the only woman on the line-up. Bev has proven her mettle as a Comedian and loves her work. She also does television and film acting work, as well as voiceover work and comedy on cruise ships. Bev is a Mentor to up-and-coming female comedians. Go and catch Bev’s 2020 MICF show Don’t Tell Tony at the Powder Room on 30 Mar, 6 & 13 Apr.

We discuss: Op-shopping to manage anxiety, the joys of working on cruise ships for a number of years, anxiety and depression and grief, family mental health issues, Bev being a champion advocate and her dislike for stigma, schizophrenia meaning “disorganised mind”, the importance of love, understanding and creating safety, fear blocking empathy in people, Bev’s story of helping a stranger who needed support, having the time, energy and know-how to help someone experiencing psychosis, sustaining resilience via comedy, craft and upcycling, the unhelpful mix of alcohol and anti-depressants, being mindful of drinking habits, the Ladies of Laughter roadshow, Bev’s love of napping and her skill in finding little nooks to nap, lessons about drugs and alcohol, remembering that perfect lives do not exist, the importance of a good social support network, a story of being a first responder, the challenge of finding accommodation with a mental health issue, Bev’s super power, and Bev’s message to talk about mental health, ask for help and remembering that there are many ways to receive help. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.