Mental As Anyone

MAA #093: With Jess Pearman

March 22, 2020

Interview with Melbourne Comedian Jess Pearman, who has been performing comedy for 3.5 years. Jess was due to perform a coupe of shows at MICF, but as you have probably heard, the festival has been cancelled due to the pandemic situation with Corona Virus.*

We discuss: The double-edged sword of comedy combined with mental health, substance abuse in comedy, maintaining mental health by taking ownership and being courageous enough to ask people around you, having a detox/retox lifestyle, self-kindness and reflecting on the bigger picture, a booked called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, enjoyment of roasting, the pitfalls of putting loyalty before honesty in friendships, putting your ego aside to ask “are you okay?”, being a grateful and happy person, the challenge of finding accurate sources of information, reflections on Feminism, being a “bad person” vs “behaving badly”, the article about neurodiversity and people having/lacking an internal monologue, the benefits of journaling, the maintenance involved in having good mental health, self-care activities like yoga, meditation and good nutrition, alcohol is not good/bad/otherwise, acknowledging and validating negative thinking patterns, writing to help with being mindful and present, experiencing Ayahuasca, motivating herself with booking shows and having writing deadlines, Jess’ super power, history of fronting rock bands, the book The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce, "Aha Moments" that occur when you allow yourself to just be, and Jess’ message to keep the mirror on yourself and continue to self-analyse and reflect.  

*This episode was recorded pre-pandemic and before the MICF was cancelled. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.