Mental As Anyone

MAA #094: With Katrina Fleming

April 4, 2020

Interview with Melbourne Comedian Katrina Fleming, who has a background in musical theatre and cabaret. Katrina's comedic style includes story-telling journeys and situational comedy, and she also performs improv musicals with the Conspiracy Improv Group. Katrina and Caili Christian's 2020 MICF show Queenagers, which delves into the topic of what it’s like to be middle-aged women, has been postponed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic (aka the Zombie Apocalypse) and will hopefully open later in the year at the Butterfly Club. 

We discuss: the wonderfully supportive Comedy Women’s Association, the view that laughter is the best medicine, Katrina’s car accident and subsequent experiences, the Richards Trauma Process, Katrina’s trauma theory, the nature of humans to be overly critical of themselves yet be caring and supportive to anyone else, Katrina’s super power and Katrina’s message about the importance of being kind to yourself.

For anyone interested in the therapy process Katrina has experienced, Katrina recommends Dr Helen Mursell in St Kilda. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.