Mental As Anyone

MAA #095: With Ben Steel

April 18, 2020

Interview with Melbourne-based Actor and Filmmaker Ben Steel, who has worked in the entertainment industry his whole life, and most recently completed a 3.5 year journey of creating a brilliant documentary called The Show Must Go On. The documentary was released late last year and is a must-see about mental health and wellbeing in the entertainment industry. Catch it on ABC iView until 4 July 2020. Ben has also worked around the world both in front of and behind the camera, and has many directing and acting credits to his name.

We discuss: the elevated statistics in regard to mental health challenges in the entertainment industry, Ben’s personal struggles with mental health, society's lapse in teaching psychological wellbeing, experiencing an identity crisis, the instability of freelance and contract work, unhelpful vs helpful coping strategies, pursuing happiness vs pursuing wholeness, the mind-shift that it can be in some ways a gift to experience depression, the importance of self-kindness, issues with external validation, the importance of being able to maintain perspective, taking control of the things that are in your control, the book Soul Shifts by Barbara De Angelis, the impact of the suicide of Ben’s acting mentor while making the documentary, the need to keep taking small steps and reach out for support, the book Living with a Creative Mind by Julie and Jeffrey Crabtree, reconnecting with surfing, the value in seeking or re-engaging with hobbies and interests, following your own personal take on meditation, the concept of minute meditations, Ben’s super power, and Ben’s message that you are not alone and there is help, support and love for you no matter who or where you are in your life, and that there will always be a way through. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.