Mental As Anyone

MAA #097: With Dilruk Jayasinha

May 16, 2020

Interview with Sri Lankan-born Melbourne-based Comedian Dilruk Jayasinha, who has performed anecdotal and self-reflective comedy all around Australia and the world since 2010. Dil has been on the tv shows such as Utopia and Have Yoi Been Paying Attention?, he won a Logie in 2018 for Most Popular New Talent, he has an awesome podcast with fellow Comedian Ben Lomas called Fit Bet, and currently you can catch Dil’s comedy special on Amazon Prime called Bundle of Joy. Dil's 2020 show Victorious Lion will hopefully resume later in the year (check for updates). Dil very kindly spent some time on this interview a couple of weeks prior to the lockdown.

We discuss: the benefits of seeing a mental health professional, the importance of giving therapy a fair crack and having a good fit with your therapist, Shae’s own techniques for managing work as a Psychologist, setting boundaries between work and personal life, the benefits of cutting down on multi-tasking, the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, unconditional love for his niece, the Trello app for organising your life, Dil’s thoughts on quitting alcohol and the pain-avoidance technique of staying sober, picking somewhere to start and gradually increasing his pace to help him (literally) run a marathon, being in touch with your values to assist with achieving goals, gratitude and bigger picture thinking, using jealousy constructively, the Elton John analogy of responding rather than reacting, Dil’s super power, the problem when the “default is fault”, the book Useful Beliefs by Chris Helder, and Dil’s message to realise that you may have things better than you have told yourself. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.