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Pennyworth Podcast Episode 6 Cilla Black Review by TV Podcast Industries

Aug. 26, 2019

It's Derek and John 'ere back with the Pennyworth Podcast Episode 6 about "Cilla Black". Wild trips for Alfred and Martha lead to revelations and scary situations. We have many questions but hopefully don't tell many lies. Check out all of our reviews on Spotify for free. Pennyworth Security have a boozy lunch Pennyworth Episode 6 Synopsis Episode Written by: Bruno Heller Episode Directed By: Bill Eagles With Julian Thwaites dead Alfred Pennyworth asks John Ripper for the person who killed Esme only to be sent to Bethlehem (Hospital) and to a witch named Baroness Ortzy. Alfred must bring a left hand of a murderer and a rose at the time of a full moon. Alfred leaves calling her a nutter. Up North and still at the kinky Spicer’s, Lord Harwood remembers and he must kill those who have done him harm. Armed with Peggy and Bet Sykes he returns to London. Someone else returns to the chaotic streets London, Patricia Wayne and she is ready to PARTY! After being asked to babysit Patricia by her brother Thomas, Martha Kane and Patricia attend a debauched party with famed occultist Alister Crowley. Tripping and hallucinating, and missing for two-days Martha wakes up naked under a dead tree with no sign of Patricia or a party. Strange things also happen to Alfred as he finds himself in the possession of a severed left hand and a rose during a full moon. Back in Bethlehem with something strange in his tea Alfred hallucinates and discovers his ex-army Captain, John Fitzsmyth Curzon, to be behind the murder of Esme. But at Captain Curzon’s home Alfred, Dave-Boy and Bazza discover he is one step ahead of them ... Catch Me If You Can Boys! Our Top 5 Questions on This Episode The TV show Pennyworth is a mysterious show, so each week we will discuss the big questions which lets us talk about the big moments of the episode. Let us know what your big questions from the episode are. Do you remember your name love? How much does Thomas Wayne really know?Were sixties parties this crazy? Who killed Esme Winikus (This question might recur)? What does the letter say? Follow us and Subscribe to the Podcast If you want to keep up with us and all of our podcasts, please subscribe to the podcast over at Where we will continue to podcast about multiple TV shows we hope you'll love. If you want to just follow Pennyworth each week search for "Pennyworth Podcast" and subscribe to just these episodes. Next time on the Pennyworth Podcast Thanks again for joining us for the Pennyworth Podcast Episode 6 chat. We'll be back to our regular schedule next Monday with our review of Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 7 "Julie Christie" which airs on Sunday the 1st of September. Derek and John TV Podcast Industries Date Recorded: 24/08/2019Date Published: 26/08/2019MP3, 68.40 min. 112kbps,55.2 MB All images and audio clips are copyright of Epix TV, Warner Horizon Scripted Television and their respective copyright owners. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.