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Pennyworth Podcast Episode 8 Sandie Shaw by TV Podcast Industries

Sept. 16, 2019

With a little help from his friends and enemies Alfred is getting closer to finishing his vendetta. We discuss it all in the Pennyworth Podcast Episode 8 about "Sandie Shaw". We have loads of questions about what happens. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify to hear our latest episodes Alfie weighs up a massive decision Pennyworth Episode 8 Synopsis Episode Written by: Danny Cannon Episode Directed By: Jon East After letting Captain Curzon, the killer of his former fiance Esme, escape, Alfred Pennyworth is determined to find him! Primed with new information about a couple entering the apartment from Bet Sykes, who is also looking to avenge Esme’s murder, Alfred investigates the police as he questions Detective Inspector Aziz. While promising to help, Aziz sets a trap for Alfred as Curzon’s father uses his position in high society and the influence of the Prime Minister to bury the facts, protect his son and keep Alfred permanently quiet. Armed and ready Alfred walks knowingly into the trap. With his gun pointed at Curzon’s head he is saved from the armed police ready to fire by Bet Sykes who holds a knife to Aziz’s throat. With Bet antagonising Curzon, Alfred releases his rage and shoots both Curzon and his wet nurse in the head. Meanwhile, with tensions running high across England and Her Majesty’s government on high alert the Raven Society organise a rally. As Frances Gaunt finishes her speech she resigns to reveal Lord Harwood who assumes leadership of the society once again. As the Prime Minister watches events unfold at the rally on TV he blows a gasket in his office in 10 Downing Street as he realises Harwood remains a threat. The next day the papers are in awe of Lord Harwood and Alfred finds himself again at the end of a gun barrel as the police close in to arrest him! Our Top 5 Questions on This Episode The TV show Pennyworth is a mysterious show, so each week we will discuss the big questions which lets us talk about the big moments of the episode. Let us know what your big questions from the episode are. How did the killers access Esme and Alfred’s flat?They aren’t “Republican’s” are they?Is Ripper a trusted advisor or manipulating master? What’s the CIA doing about the Raven’s? The Raven’s at a rally that risks arrest? Follow us and Subscribe to the Podcast If you want to keep up with us and all of our podcasts, please subscribe to the podcast over at Where we will continue to podcast about multiple TV shows we hope you'll love. If you want to just follow Pennyworth each week search for "Pennyworth Podcast" and subscribe to just these episodes. Next time on the Pennyworth Podcast Thanks again for joining us for the Pennyworth Podcast Episode 8 chat. We'll be back to our regular schedule next Monday with our review of the penultimate episode of Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 9 " Alma Coogan" which airs on Sunday the 22nd of September. Derek and John TV Podcast Industries Date Recorded: 12/09/2019Date Published: 16/09/2019MP3, 66.23 min. 112kbps,53.4 MB All images and audio clips are copyright of Epix TV, Warner Horizon Scripted Television and their respective copyright owners. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.