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Pennyworth Podcast Episode 9 Alma Cogan by TV Podcast Industries

Sept. 23, 2019

It's election time and anarchy and chaos have come to the streets of London. In the Pennyworth Podcast Episode 9, we discuss the penultimate episode of season one "Alma Cogan". Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify to get all of our episodes as they come out. If you go down to the woods today the Sykes sister may surprise you. Pennyworth Episode 9 Synopsis Episode Written by: Bruno Heller Episode Directed by: Rob Bailey Alfred Pennyworth is tried and sentenced for the murder of his former army Captain, but he refuses to give up Bet Sykes as he becomes a resident at Her Majesty’s pleasure, locked up at New Gate Prison. Outside the tall prison walls, the streets of England descend into anarchy with the return of Lord Harwood and the Prime Minister makes a high stakes gamble as he announces a general election. Both the Raven Society and the No Name League look to secure an electoral pact and agree to meet to seal their deal. Meanwhile Harwood and Frances Gaunt realise that they need the backing of the Queen as Duke and Duchess Windermere become an increasingly frightful nightmare for the Raven Society. Back in prison, Alfred is hired by Inspector Aziz to kill the leaders of the Raven Society and No Name League at their historic meeting as the two radical groups make inroads during the election campaign. Somewhere in a field in England, Alfred puts the leaders of the Raven Society and No Name League in his cross hairs. But as he gets ready to shoot he sees his former employers, Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, both sent to represent the No Name League. As sniper Alfred, purposely misses his targets, he disrupts the government’s plans allowing Harwood, Thomas and Martha to escape. Somewhere in a forest in England, another momentous event happens as her Royal Highness meets the Syke sisters! Our Top 5 Questions on This Episode The TV show Pennyworth is a mysterious show, so each week we will discuss the big questions which lets us talk about the big moments of the episode. Let us know what your big questions from the episode are. Who’s in charge here? (Alfie sent to Prison and out again)Why allow these scoundrels to emerge from these dark layers?Would the Duke and Duchess of Windermere really be able to lead the country?Is Alfred willing to kill to get out of prison?What are the implications of not killing Harwood? Follow us and Subscribe to the Podcast If you want to keep up with us and all of our podcasts, please subscribe to the podcast over at Where we will continue to podcast about multiple TV shows we hope you'll love. If you want to just follow Pennyworth each week search for "Pennyworth Podcast" and subscribe to just these episodes. Next time on the Pennyworth Podcast Thanks again for joining us for the Pennyworth Podcast Episode 8 chat. We'll be back to our regular schedule next Monday with our review of the final episode of Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 10 "Marianne Faithfull " which airs on Sunday the 29th of September. Derek and John TV Podcast Industries Date Recorded: 22/09/2019Date Published: 22/09/2019MP3, 53.11 min. 112kbps, 42.8 MB All images and audio clips are copyright of Epix TV, Warner Horizon Scripted Television and their respective copyright owners. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.