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Watchmen Feedback Episode 6 by TV Podcast Industries

Nov. 29, 2019

From Genetic Trauma to racism and sexuality we chat about all of your thoughts in our Watchmen Feedback Episode six on "This Extraordinary Being". Will's life changes forever in this Nostalgic trip. You can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify What's in this feedback episode? As the show continues it's hitting bigger and more complex themes thanks to your feedback we discuss one we missed completely and loads of other interesting thoughts from your emails, calls and Facebook Feedback. We also discuss this weeks documents up on the "Peteypedia" site. Including a tabloid article that gives us some more background on Lady Trieu. This might explain who Adrian Viedt was trying to contact. In a memo from Laurie Blake where she confirms the connection between Cyclops and the 7th Kavalry. Finally Special Agent Dale Petey shares the last will and testament of Nelson Gardner aka Captain Metropolis. In this document Gardner apologises for his treatment of Will Reeves and attempts to make amends by leaving his entire fortune and the rights to all of the Minutemen licensing agreements. You can read along with them on Check out full articles written by writers of the Watchmen TV show on Watchmen Pub Quiz continues Chris has a go at asking John's latest Watchmen Pub Quiz question. We ask one question on each of our Feedback podcasts. Send in your answer to each of the questions to [email protected] The person who answers the most questions correctly throughout the feedback series will win a Watchmen related prize on the final feedback podcast after Episode 9. Watchmen Pub Quiz Question 6: What is the name of the Jewish family who own the delicatessen that was set ablaze by Fred (who owned the grocery store F.T. & Sons) in episode 6 of the HBO Watchmen Series? Leaving Feedback for The Watchmen Podcast Our separate feedback podcast is recorded usually on Wednesdays so make sure you send in your thoughts about the show or the podcast by Wednesday 11:58 am GMT. Leave us a voicemail here, join our Facebook group and leave your thoughts on the spoiler posts there or let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected] Follow us and Subscribe to the Podcast Thanks so much for joining us for our Watchmen Feedback Episode Six podcast. We really do hope you enjoyed our chat. If you did, please subscribe to TV Podcast Industries on any of the links from this page and why not share the podcast with other people. You can also support us by going to and donating to the running of the podcast. As always thank you so much for all the support. We will return with our review of Watchmen Episode 7 "An Almost Religious Awe" after the episode airs on HBO at 9 PM on Sunday the 2nd of December. Derek, John and Chris TV Podcast Industries Date Recorded: 27/11/2019Date Published: 29/11/2019MP3, 65.14 min. 96kbps, 45.0 MB All images and audio clips are copyright of HBO, Sky Atlantic, Detective Comics, Warner Brothers and their respective copyright owners. No infringement is intended. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.