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Star Trek Picard Episode 5 Podcast Stardust City Rag

Feb. 22, 2020

We talk about the teams first away mission in our Star Trek Picard Episode 5 Podcast. In the interestingly named Stardust City Rag we learn lots more about the mission and the characters. Gotta have a few feathers in your cap. Star Trek Picard Episode 5 Podcast Synopsis Episode Written by: Kirsten Beyer Episode Directed By: Jonathan Frakes The La Sirena crew begin an unpredictable and lively expedition on Freecloud to search for Bruce Maddox. When they learn Maddox has found himself in a precarious situation, a familiar face offers her assistance. How We Discuss Star Trek Picard. Each of your hosts chose a BIG moment, their Medium sized moment and a small moment for the episode under the headings of The Prime Directive, The Omega Directive and their Number 1 moment. Do you want more Picard? If you fancy a little more Picard in your life we highly recommend the new novel by Una McCormack. It tells a new story set around the time of the Romulan supernova. Also the official behind the scenes book for Star Trek Picard season one will be out at the end of April. If you're interested in buying any of these items why not use the links below and we get a little affiliate support from Amazon. Star Trek Picard Pub Quiz begins After the success of our Pub Quiz on our Watchmen Podcast we're bringing it back for our Star Trek Picard Pub quiz. Send in your answer to each of the questions to [email protected] The person who answers the most questions correctly throughout the series will win some Star Trek related goodies on the final podcast after Episode 10. Star Trek Pub Quiz Question 5 (4 Points Available): What are the number of domes on Planet Vergessen?How many are in the conclave?How many umbrella's are in Rios Temtibi Lagoon Cocktail? How many feathers are in Rios' Hat? Leaving Feedback for Star Trek Picard Leave us a voicemail here, join our Facebook group and leave your thoughts on the spoiler posts there or let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected] The cut off for feedback is 12pm GMT each Tuesday. We'll discuss feedback podcast out each week before the next episode. Follow us and Subscribe to the Podcast Thanks so much for joining us for our Star Trek Picard Episode 5 Podcast. We really do hope you enjoyed our chat. If you did please subscribe to TV Podcast Industries on any of the links from this page and why not share the podcast with other people. You can also support us by going to and donating to the running of the podcast. As always thank you so much for all the support. We'll be back with Star Trek episode 6, “ The Impossible Box" after it airs on the 27th of February. Derek, Chris and John TV Podcast Industries Date Recorded: 21/02/2020Date Published: 22/02/2020MP3, 73.51 min. 96kbps, 50.9 MB neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.