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Star Trek Picard Season One Wrap Up and Pub Quiz Results - TVPI

April 4, 2020

Following on from our weekly discussions, welcome to our Star Trek Picard Season One Wrap Up in this episode. We also crown the Ten Forward Pub Quiz champion. Star Trek Picard Season One Wrap Up In 2385 Admiral Jean-Luc Picard and his first officer, Raffi Musiker, led the effort to save StarFleet’s former enemies, the Romulans, from a supernova that would consume their system. When a group of synthetic workers seem to rise up against the human workers on the ship building yard on Mars StarFleet halt all activity to save the Romulans and ban all synthetic life. Picard staked his reputation and career on his belief that StarFleet should continue their aid to avoid this catastrophe but the leaders of StarFleet call his bluff and accept his retirement. Raffi was consumed by the idea that someone else was involved in the attacks on Mars and her obsession cost her career and family. Fourteen years later in 2399, now retired and guarded by two former Romulan Tal Shiar agents, Laris and Zhaban, Picard’s seclusion is interrupted by the arrival of Dahj, a young woman who was attacked by an even more secretive Romulan agency The Zhat Vash. But after Picard agrees to help Dahj find out what happened she is killed in another attack from the Romulan secret police, Picard consults Doctor Agnes Jerati of the Daystrom Institute and learns that Dahj was one of a pair synthetic being created from flesh and blood indistinguishable from humans until they are “Activated”. Having learned that the Romulan Zhat Vash were operating on earth Picard reconnects with Raffi Musiker who arranges a ship, La Sirena, and a pilot, Cristobal Rios to aid Picard in his search for Bruce Maddox, the only likely creator of these advanced synths. With a holographic crew of Rios duplicates and an inexperienced Qowat Milat warrior, Elnor, in toe they seek out Dahj’s sister Soji. Along the way they meet Fenris Ranger and former Borg Seven of Nine who is on a mission to defend all former Borg who have been treated as second class citizens after being returned to their original species. Dahj’s twin Soji is aboard a former Borg cube working with ex Borg Hugh and in a relationship with undercover Romulan agent Narek. They are releasing species from their Borg assimilation and realise that the cube was deactivated when they tried to assimilate the half crazed mind of Romulan, Ramdha. Rahmda was a member of a group of Zhat Vash led by half Vulcan-half Romulan Commodore Oh. The Zhat Vash are an ancient organisation guided by “The Admonition”, a terrifying prophecy left by an unknown race. The prophecy drives most organic beings mad when they view it but it has been translated by Commodore Oh and sister/brother team Narrisa and Narek as a warning that organic beings will create advanced synthetics who will eventually turn on their creators and wipe out all organic life. They have made it their life’s mission and that of the Zhat Vash to destroy all synthetic life before they are wiped out. While Narek monitors and uses Soji to find the homeworld of the synthetics, Commodore Oh uses a forced mind meld with Doctor Jerati to show her the admonition and implant a message to kill her former lover, Bruce Maddox. With Maddox dead they believe the rise of the synthetics will end. With inspiration from his friends, Will Riker and Deana Troi, and their daughter Kestra, Jean-Luc brings Soji to the synth home planet of Coppelius. On the planet they meet Dr. Altan Inigo Soong who created the race of synthetics with Bruce Maddox. But their arrival on the planet may bring about the prophecy of the Admonition as the leader of the synths, an earlier version of Soji called Sutra, uses another mind meld to view the images inside Doctor Jerati’s mind. Sutra is convinced that The Admonition is a call to arms for all synths to wipe out all organics or they won’t survive. When they discover that the Zhat Vash have located their homeworld, neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.