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Episode 500 of TV Podcast Industries plus Pub Quiz featuring Cheo Hodari Coker, Douglas Mackinnon, Andrew Sellon and Hainsley Lloyd Bennett

July 6, 2020

After over six years of podcasting TV podcast Industries celebrated it's 500th Episode with a live podcast and pub quiz. We also had contributions from our wonderful listeners and voicemails from Andrew Sellon (Mr Penn on Gotham), Hainsley Lloyd Bennett (Bazza on Pennyworth), Douglas Mackinnon (Director of Good Omens) and Cheo Hodari Coker (Showrunner, executive producer and lead writer on Luke Cage. We want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful listeners who have listened along to our coverage of many varied TV shows over the years including Gotham, Pennyworth, Penny Dreadful, Star Trek Picard, The Witcher, Watchmen, The Boys, Good Omens, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Punisher, The Defenders and most recently Penny Dreadful City of Angels. TV Podcast Industries 500th Pub Quiz Round 1 - Picture Round Name each of the characters most associated with each of the following ten images. One character per image. Question 1Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5Question 6Question 7Question 8Question 9Question 10 Round 2 - Question Round Q1 Which crime-ridden area of New York City is Daredevil based in? HarlemThe BronxHell’s KitchenQueens Q2 What is Jessica Jones' Private Investigation business called? Angel Investigations Alias InvestigationsAtlas Detective AgencyPI Jones & Partners Q3 In which mystical lost city was Danny Rand trained to become the Iron Fist? Kamar TajWakandaK’un-LunNanda Parbat Q4 What is Luke Cage's real name? Carl LucasLuke LucasCal LukesLucas Carlson Q5  In Good Omens any tape left in Crowley's car for more than a fortnight turns into what? DustQueen Greatest HitsLed ZeppelinA grilled cheese sandwich Q6  Which of these is a character in the Watchmen TV series? MirrorballMirrormaskLooking GlassGlassy Eye Q7  In Gotham who shouted “I’m the King of Gotham”? Jim GordonThe PenguinBruce WayneThe Riddler Q8  Which male fighting nun dedicated himself to lost causes on Star Trek Picard? NarekElnorBonesJim (a dedicated red shirt) Q9  The creators of Gotham made another series based on which character from Gotham? Alfred PennyworthRobinPennywiseMad Hatter Q10  In The Boys what is Billy Butchers favourite girl band? TLCDestiny’s ChildSpice GirlsAll Saints Round 3 - Music Round Name the twelve TV shows the theme tune or song comes from in the audio selection played during the podcast. They are all shows that TV Podcast Industries have covered during their 500 episodes. Click to play our Music Round Thank you once again to all of our listeners. We'll be back with our wrap up episode for Penny Dreadful City of Angels in the next few weeks. Our next show that we'll be covering will be The Umbrella Academy Season 2 on Netflix. We'll have a chat about season 1 of the show out before the second season releases on July 26th. Here's the trailer for Umbrella Academy Season 2 Derek, John and Chris All images and audio clips used in this episode are copyright of their copyright holders. They are used here for entertainment purposes with no ownership rights claimed by TV Podcast Industries or any of it's hosts. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.