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Umbrella Academy 208 Podcast The Seven Stages

Aug. 14, 2020

In our Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 8 "The Seven Stages" podcast we discuss all the drawbacks of time travel and meeting your past and possible future self. Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 8 Podcast "The Seven Stages" Details Episode Directed by Amanda Marsalis Teleplay for this episode written by Mark Goffman and Jesse McKeown At an FBI building, Vanya is interrogated by FBI Special Agent Willy Gibbs, being suspected of being a Russian spy from the KGB, as Vanya can speak Russian. Being drugged and tortured with electrical shocks, Vanya begins to remember her past. Meanwhile, Five decides to meet with an older version of himself, to try and get old-Five's time-traveling briefcase to return to a new timeline. Alone, old-Five tells Luther his plan to prevent Vanya from causing the original apocalypse but having to kill young-Five in the process. Lila kidnaps Diego to force him to stay as her boyfriend and to work at the Commission. With the help of Herb, Diego sees what will occur on November 22, 1963. Instead of JFK being assassinated, an FBI building is destroyed by Vanya, leading to World War III when the Soviets are believed to be the cause; it eventually escalates into a planet-wide nuclear war. With the help of Herb, Diego escapes and along with Klaus and Allison returns to Dallas to prevent her from blowing up the building in one hour. However, the combination of the torture and return of her memories causes Vanya's power to start building towards the explosion as her siblings desperately try to reach her. (Via Wikipedia) Umbrella Academy Season 2 Cast Number 1 - Space/Luther played by Tom HopperNumber 2 - Diego played by David CastañedaNumber 3 - Rumour/Allison - Emmy Raver-LampmanNumber 4 - Klaus Played by Robert SheehanNumber 5 - Five Played by Aidan GallagherNumber 6 - Ben/The Horror played by Justin H. MinNumber 7 - Vanya played by Ellen PageFeaturingSissy played by Marin IrelandRay Chestnut played by Yusuf GatewoodLila Pitts played by Ritu AryaAND The Handler played by Kate Walsh Umbrella Academy Creators Created for Television by Steve Blackman Developed by Jeremy Slater Based on the comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá Made Possible with Patreon TV Podcast Industries is made possible by our supporters on Patreon. You can follow and support us here: Next Time On TV Podcast Industries... We'll release our discussions about Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 9 "743" first on then on our main feed later in the week. Thanks so much for joining us fellow Academy Alumni and Brolly Dollies. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.