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Umbrella Academy 209 Podcast 743

Aug. 18, 2020

We're close to the end as we chat about Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 9 the penultimate episode of the season named "743". As the show wraps up we discuss the battle, plans and surprises that brings everyone back together. Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 9 Podcast "743" Details Episode Directed by Amanda Marsalis Teleplay for this episode written by Bronwyn Garrity and Robert Askins With the others unable to reach Vanya, Ben enters her mind where the traumatized Vanya has retreated into herself. Ben's understanding of her situation and her siblings trying to save her calms Vanya down and averts the explosion and the apocalypse. However, the effort involved proves to be too much for Ben's ghostly form and he departs for the afterlife. Connected to Vanya, Harlan experiences negative effects from the near-explosion and accidentally kills his father when Harlan deflects a bullet that Carl fired. Following up on a clue from AJ, Herb uncovers kill order 743 which he presents to Lila. Lila confronts her mom about it which involved old-Five killing Lila's parents. This causes Lila to become mad at Diego, unaware that the Handler was the one to approve the hit. Young-Five learns of old-Five's plan to kill him and with the help of Luther, manages to send old-Five to the original timeline, but accidentally destroys the briefcase in the process. Because the FBI building wasn't destroyed, JFK continues his parade and is assassinated despite Diego's attempts to stop it. Mad about his death, Reginald visits the Majestic 12, reveals himself to be an alien, and kills them. At the Commission, the Handler tells all her employees over the intercom to prepare for war. (Via Wikipedia) Umbrella Academy Season 2 Cast Number 1 - Space/Luther played by Tom HopperNumber 2 - Diego played by David CastañedaNumber 3 - Rumour/Allison - Emmy Raver-LampmanNumber 4 - Klaus Played by Robert SheehanNumber 5 - Five Played by Aidan GallagherNumber 6 - Ben/The Horror played by Justin H. MinNumber 7 - Vanya played by Ellen PageFeaturingSissy played by Marin IrelandRay Chestnut played by Yusuf GatewoodLila Pitts played by Ritu AryaAND The Handler played by Kate Walsh Umbrella Academy Creators Created for Television by Steve Blackman Developed by Jeremy Slater Based on the comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá Made Possible with Patreon TV Podcast Industries is made possible by our supporters on Patreon. You can follow and support us here: Next Time On TV Podcast Industries... We'll release our discussions about Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 10 "The End of Something" first on then on our main feed later in the week. Thanks so much for joining us fellow Academy Alumni and Brolly Dollies. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.