In the Balance

The Road to Brexit

July 2, 2016

As businesses and their employees get to grips with what Brexit might look like for them, Lizzie O Leary presents a special edition of In the Balance in conjunction with American Public Media's Marketplace programme. She hears from economists in the UK and in Ireland, as well as travelling to the North West of England to a part of the country where nearly 60 per cent of people voted to leave the European Union, even though the consequences of Brexit might cost some of their jobs. Lizzie hears from pro-Brexit economist Andrew Lilico, Executive Director and Principal of Europe Economics, Chris Hare, an analyst at Investec, a bank and asset management company in London and Thomas Sampson, an economist at the London School of Economics and she's joined by Tony Foley, from Dublin City University. For a deeper dive into the industries likely to be affected by Brexit, Lizzie talks to: Jeffries Briginshaw CEO, of the British American Business association, Professor David Bailey a car industry expert at Aston University in Birmingham, Gerard Grech the CEO of Tech City UK and in Berlin, Simon Schaefer, CEO and co-founder of Factory. (Photo credit: European Union and USA flags GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.