Accelerated Investor Podcast

Smart Investing: Determining Risk & Exit Strategies

Nov. 28, 2018

Some of the most successful real estate investors typically have one thing in common: they understand how to assess risk accurately, and they make sure to purchase properties that have multiple exit strategies. Mike Johnston is one of those guys. As the 2016 Strategic Real Estate Coaching (SREC) Investor of the Year, Mike has accomplished some amazing goals for his real estate investing business. Right now, his primary investment strategy involves purchasing distressed multi-family properties – primarily in the New Orleans-area market. While he’s renovated some luxury properties in the past, he’s found that those deals weren’t as “safe” (and really, as profitable) as affordable, multi-unit housing. In this podcast, Mike shares his advice for determining risk and planning multiple exit strategies for each property deal. As someone who has always taken the time to crunch the numbers and consider all the “what-ifs,” Mike has won over his investors with his practical, well-thought out plans. His self-proclaimed “cautiously aggressive” approach allows him to determine the worst-case scenario; and he’s a master at planning accordingly for that possibility. Mike also explains how he got his start in real estate investing, and how he’s working toward his long-term goals of building generational wealth and giving back by passing his financial knowledge on to others. Take a listen to hear more of Mike’s story, plus his advice for all investors neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.