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The Brian Lagrange Birthday Rap feat. Jessica Elizondo (prod. The Legion)

Dec. 4, 2016

The Official Brian Lagrange Birthday Rap Instrumental belongs to The Legion ( Lyrics: Miami heat what I’m bringing A little reason why I’m singing Here’s a little toast As we go Up and down the coast And I pay some respect of the utmost, so Happy birthday to youooo Happy birthday to youoo Happy birthday to youooo Here’s a little toast As we go up and down the coast And I pay a little re-spect of the utmost To a young man named Brian Lagrange City of Miami, call it home on lagrange But now he’s up north and it’s more than he can panhandle Took away his sun and the bronze like a tan vandal Fort Walton Beach is where he’s at, if you ever wanna chat About comics and mortal combat He’s started up a frat called Delta Sigma G Amma’s where it’s at, no doubt the place to be Always lived by the sea, in his white tee, while he’s Practicing tai chi, beneath the palm tree Try to muster up a lit-tle ATP Stop by his place on the way to sightsee It’s a big day, I think we all agree Feliz Cumpleanos, can i get an a ti neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.