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The Official Adriagny Russomano Birthday Rap (prod. Jee Juh)

Dec. 25, 2016

Instrumental discovered on Jee Juh Soundcloud Lyrics: Adriag-ny Adriag-ny She’s so funny Fun-ny Fun-y Like my homie Bon-nie Bon-nie Bon-nie And she’s gettin money Money money Dedicated to the days on the Florida Gulf Coast I present to you the rap, or no better yet the roast Of the meanest person that I’ve ever met, she’s a threat And she likes to do the macarena yeah no don’t forget wanna wish a little Happy Happy happy birthtday to ya ( no rest ) Go and Ask her what she played in band and she will say the tuba But you know I kid, for a roast I went easy She goes hard in the paint like her homie Young Jeezy Born and raised in that Caracas Venezuela, But She parties and she chills like she would be from Jamaica Her favorite sport is Nascar, spent her nights in Talladega With her sisters from another mister in the delta Zeta neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.