Freund with Benefits: Helping Bachelors

The Lululemon Rap (feat. Brian Kevin Lagrange) prod. Jee Juh Beats

May 3, 2017

Lyrics: Woke up in the morning rocking lemon like lulu In central park yogi bear and the bubu Try to speak with the cows all you get is a moo moo Lady Gaga met the man Mr. goo goo But that’s besides the topic Strap and flow, go a-head and drop it For the metal vent tech, the pace breaker, city-slate Once you walk through the doors, now it’s time to take the bait If you’re feeling kinda fast and you feel a little free You might find a little joy, strap happy, therapy You get high quality with very little stink Time to try the wunder under and don’t even blink Next time you feel like heading on down to Yemen Maybe instead try lululemon And let me tell ya young there’s no need to be afraid When life gives you lemons make lululemonade Drink that lululemonade, stop that sweet tea haterade Get to doin that Yoga like Ms. Monae In them pants by lululemón, Saludos a mi madre, I love you the most If your girl get Mad & Moody, take her to lulu to get bad & boujee Pants never rip when you overstretchin, so you never stressin Got you saying Daaaaaamn like Kendrick Lamar She do crossfit? Cuz she done raised up the bar You do anythin in em Like Jog Squat Pop Drop it like its hot Or wear em as you listen to the podcast that gives you “friendly”attention Dimelo Russ uhh next question You the real MVP!, Only pants you should be in goin HARDEN and flexin Im tellin you the truth neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.