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The Ray-Ban Rap feat. Brian Lagrange (prod. Tone Jonez)

May 9, 2017

Ray-Ban rap feat. Brian Lagrange Instrumental prod. by Tone Jonez Lyrics: Well I didn’t like how my black shades looked So I went right ahead and I picked up a book It was more like a catalogue with all these great styles With Good looking people, pearly whites in their smiles Sporting sunglasses fresh like the clubmaster Perfect for the optimistic weather forecaster Ran into the waiter he was wearing aviators Ray Ban’s an indicator of a smooth operator I was also considering the black wayfarers Couldn’t decide if I want-ed a pair or Maybe the Erica’s, shading the area They look real retro like 80’s America It took me awhile yeah before I would find. Clubrounds were the pick and I made up my mind They gave me the most desired expression Ray Ban, genuine since 1937 Chorus: Got my Ray Ban’s on, and I’m feeling A-Ok Sun shining down like every day They have 95 lenses and 19 styles 300 colors rainbows for miles They got lens performance and frame innovation is my citation Got mine today, perfect compensation You know what this means, Time for celebration 2nd verse: They say the windows to your soul are your eyes Throw them Ray Bans so I can see your aura magnified Or slightly slide them down, so I can see the people’s eyebrow you got the wayfarers on, my favorite Don’t forget the blazed ones Futuristic look, throwback tasteness Come check my colorful collection of ocular lenses Select any one to make you feel stupendous. And Corey Hart was right, you gotta rock em at night Cuz when your future lookin this bright, you might lose ya sight Lookin cool, Top Gun Tom Cruise in M.I. 2 Shout out to my AF Aviators who rock real Aviators Keep killin it whether you in platforms or trainers When you see that shade bein thrown, Just say a smart remark and throw your shades on, Caine Horatio Everybody wears Bobby Rays, from Cali to New York down to FLA Don’t matter if they fake or real Only thing that matters is how they make you feel neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.