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The Christmas Card Rap Vol. 2 (prod. Dope Boyz Music)

Dec. 23, 2017

Happy Holidays! For: Jarred Langhals, Justin Hillstrom, Brian Lagrange, Aseef Raihan, Taeyoung Lee, Jason Butler, Emily/Scott Lagarile, Sky Thai, Nick Levine, Andre Ball, Chase Eriksen, Kevin Crawford, Katie Hansen, Kramer Young, Kat Vardell, Ben Hubers, Lance Dudkowski, Mike Kljucaric, Nick Clayton, Pam Zhang, Alexa Gingras, Eryn Avjian, Sean Mitchell, Tamara Racic, Megan Rutherford, Steven Chon, Alex Jessop, Dan Whitehead, Zoe Krzywda, Ryan Sinclair, Natalie Williams, Brian/Julia Kroeger Lyrics: 1st verse: And so it all began in the West with Jarred Langhals Justin Hillstrom says you’re killing me smalls You got Brian K Lagrange with a little bit of change And Aseef Raihan goin on about the stock exchange Taeyoung is cool and so is Jason Marquis Along with Emily and scott lagaril-ee Sky Thai to the gulf coast said see ya Nick Levine way out in South Korea Chase and Andre yeah they just had a kid Kevin had his second, Katie went to Madrid Pamela’s in the pool, Kramer acted a fool But it’s all cool, cause dogs drool and Kat rules Ben’s pickin apples out in California Lance became a knight I just had to warn ya Mike rides a bike and he also likes to hike Nick Clayton spitting bars guess he didn’t like the Klondike Chorus: Happy holidays all the way around the globe From Alexa down to Eryn, and Sean Michael Job From the east coast west coast and the ones who I love most I’d like to propose a toast Happy holidays to the folks around the way Just a few words now that I would like to say Happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas too To everyone I’ve ever known and my whole crew 2nd verse: Now to the rest of the folks way down in Georgia Tamara every now and then likes to wear a fedora, She’ll adore ya with Megan on their way to Atlanta while they’re jamming out to Pandora And Daddy Chon’s holding it down That’s what he likes to be called with Alex around Dan said to Zoe, yo salutations She’s in Beavercreek now congratulations Ryan and Natalie had a good bond Their love of Rhinegeist is above and beyond Julia and Brian didn’t raise no fool Except the dog in the sweater and her name is Joule So I think that’s it all I wanted to cover Cheers to the holiday we’re bout to discover A whole nother year and we’ll probably hear About how grandma got runover by a reindeer neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.